chillyinthecut: Watched more vines of you ... & you still not funny .. Can you make a funny vine ?




lol. you’re watching them though. end of story. i post what i want. it’s my vine. if you don’t enjoy my vines don’t watch them. just like if i don’t enjoy people’s vines i don’t watch or follow them.

there ya go, you learn something everyday. you’re welcome.

But you’re not funny …. Like just go OD on codeine

and never once out of my mouth did i ever say i’m funny or am trying to be a comedian so you can set some goals and ask yourself why you’re going out of your way to tell me sh*t idc about. LMFAO. you’re the real mvp you’re the comedian. make a vine and make ppl laugh cause you hating is hilarious.

You go girl 👏🙌

chillyinthecut: I see you reblog basic shit ... Like .. Do you even sip lean or are you just re-blogging it because it looks cool ? ...


are you still on me? can you go play outside or find something productive to do? cause i don’t want you in my presence. i’ve seen you on me more than once. stop dickriding me like i’m some sort of transportation.

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